Ten things I know to be true

Ten things I know to be true (January)

Starting this month, on the tenth day of every month, I will post ten things I know to be true.

  1. I love my job.
  2. Life can be hard.
  3. Snow days are awesome.
  4. Twitter is better than Facebook.
  5. Complaining never helped anyone.
  6. Sonic Happy Hour is the best time of day.
  7. Spiders are terrifying…no matter what their size.
  8. Chinese takeout is the best comfort food. Day or night. Hot or Cold.
  9. I am sick of hearing Frozen Songs and don’t know how they are still around.
  10. This video is really good! Watch it here.

I got the idea for this monthly list from a TED Talk that I watched about a year ago. Here is the TED Talk form Sarah Kay that I got the idea from: