On The Run: Lesson from Jonah Preview

Parents of elementary age kids!

We have a jam-packed weekend planned for your kids! This week we begin preparations for our Christmas program! Angela has graciously offered to help coordinate all things musical at Mission Hill Kids. Last week your child received a recording of our songs (also available this Saturday).

We are also excited to start a 3-week series “On The Run: Lessons from Jonah”. This Saturday we will learn that when Jonah was told by God to preach to the city of Nineveh he ran from God because he didn’t want to. But he found out: “You can’t outrun God.” This Saturday you child will learn that even though we try to run, God’s love doesn’t stop chasing us.

See you Saturday, 


Re-engage boys in learning

In October of 2010, Ali Carr-Chellman gave a TEDTalk about using gaming to re-engage boys in learning. While her primary focus is aimed at boys in an elementary school classroom, it is also of great use to leaders in Children’s Ministries. I am not suggesting that we develop video games for our boys in KidMin. I just want this to serve as a reminder that we need to find new ways to make learning in church fun for boys as well. I would encourage you to take a few moments out of your day to watch this short video.


Verse To Remember (10.25.2014)

We had a great night tonight at Mission Hill Kids! We had multiple new visitors tonight, which was great! Then we went into an excellent time of worship, before we began learning two bible stories, one on Lot (Genesis 19:12-26) and the other was about Moses (Numbers 20:2-12).

This evening we talked about how God is fair and just. We went over multiple verses showing how God is a righteous judge. This week’s verse to remember is Malachi 1:14b.

‘For I am a great king,’ says the Lord Almighty, ‘and my name is to be feared among the nations.’ ~Malachi 1:14b


*One of the resources I sometimes use is KidsSundaySchool.com, which is what I did for this week, you can find the particular lesson that I used here.MHKids Logo

Mission Hill Kids: Verse to Remember

I am having a great morning so far in the office, I am so glad to be back working after taking some time off. For my first week back to Mission Hill Kids we learned about how while everything else in our lives can change, God remains a constant that we can always depend on. Take some time this week and learn this week’s Verse to Remember is Hebrews 13:8.

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Mission Hill Kids: Verse to Remember

We had a great service this past Saturday at Mission Hill Kids! This week we learned about Adam and Eve’s disobedience, but more importantly how God’s rules are meant to protect us. With that in mind this week’s Verse to Remember is Proverbs 8:33.


Enjoy this beautiful Monday!

~Michael J. Snowden


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